International Applicants

Applications for studies at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences take place directly on university’s application portal within the application deadlines for each degree programme. The application for the Studienkolleg (FSP course or DSH course) is also done online using this portal.

Only the bachelor's degree programmes for Social Work and Media Management require an additional registration at the portal for allocation of study positions: The data you enter there will be transferred to the application portal for Mittweida University with the applicant ID (BID) and applicant authentication number (BAN) assigned by during registration. For this reason, if you are applying to Social Work or Media Management, it is preferable to first register at before using the general application portal of the university.

No matter which degree programme you choose, you will still need some documents for the application. Those have to be scanned and uploaded exclusively to the HSMW general application portal.

The application portal is actually only available in German. Please use a  translation programme.

When you apply, we require proof of the language level you have reached and information about when you will take the German exam we require. You can then submit proof of this exam later.

We do not require a letter of motivation. We are, however, pleased if you briefly describe why you have chosen the study program and what academic education you have achieved so far. This also serves the internal evaluation of our study program. However, there is no obligation to submit such a letter and it does not influence the application process in any way.

No. You may voluntarily attach references to your application. This helps to better understand your academic record. However, it does not affect the application process.

No, there is no fee for the application.

We will check the documents immediately and send a pre-approval directly after we have finished doing so. We do not wait until the application deadline to do this! The invitation to attend the Studienkolleg will be sent only after receipt of the application fee of 250 euros (Administrative costs for processing the application and sending the pre-admission/invitation). In this case you will receive a fee notice first. The registration fee will be deducted from the course fee after arrival. A refund in case of no-show is not possible.