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Latest information about the coronavirus

30 August 2021: Masks mandatory again inside HSMW buildings

The 7-day incidence in the district of Central Saxony has been consistently above 10 cases per 100,000 inhabitants since 22 August. Thus, the obligation to wear a face mask in the buildings of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is in effect again. As a minimum, a medical mask must be worn.

2 August 2021: Modified low-incidence mask regulation

As the exam period ends and the lecture-free period begins, HSMW is adjusting the rule on mandatory mask use. If the incidence in the district of Central Saxony is stable below 10 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the obligation to wear a medical mask on campus will be waived as of 2 August 2021 if the distance of 1.5 meters is maintained. This means that wearing a mask in the corridors is no longer mandatory. If the minimum required distance cannot be maintained, the requirement to wear a medical mask still applies. "Stable" means that the value must be maintained for five consecutive days. If the incidence is above 10 cases per 100,000 population for five consecutive days, wearing a medical mask is again mandatory.

Different rules apply to student union facilities. In the Mensa, for example, wearing a face mask is required because the minimum distances cannot be maintained here.

1 July 2021: Summer semester 2021 is not included in the calculation of examination deadlines.

Deadlines: The summer semester 2021 is not included in the calculation of examination deadlines. Examination achievements that are not credited also avoid any missed deadline due to repeat examinations that are not attended. All current repeat deadlines are, thus, automatically extended by the current semester. Deadline notices will not be issued for the current semester.

Standard period of study: In order to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, students who are enrolled in the summer semester 2021 and are not on leave of absence will be subject to an individual standard period of study that deviates from the standard period of study and that is extended by one semester.



23 June 2021: New offers and opening times in the test center

Due to the falling incidence levels and the elimination of the obligation to test in many areas, the offer for COVID rapid tests has been adjusted:
The test center at  Mittweida campus is open

  • Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and
  • on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  • The Sunday opening hours in Mittweida are no longer available.

On Saturdays and Sundays the test center at Talsperre Kriebstein is open from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

There have also been changes to the times to get a "permanent ticket":
Monday to Friday, it is only possible in the mornings from 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

15 June 2021: Update on HSMW's plans for summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/2022

Decreasing incidence levels and the progression of vaccinations are providing a gradual start to public life. During their 2 June 2021 meeting, the university leadership and the senate discussed the next steps for HSMW, including determining factors such as student vaccination rates, uncertainties due to mutations, and the spacing rules currently under discussion. Current changes include the following:

Mandatory mask requirement modified

The obligation to wear masks on campus, in lecture halls, laboratories, seminar rooms and offices will be modified. If the distance of 1.5 meters between two persons and regular ventilation can be ensured, masks might be removed. The obligation to wear masks in the corridors of the university buildings and in freely accessible common areas and tea kitchens remains unaffected.

New regulations regarding attendance at face-to-face courses and examinations

Permanent ticket:

As of Thursday, 17 June 2021, Mittweida UAS will also accept certificates issued to fully vaccinated and recovered persons for participation in attendance courses and examinations. A permanent access document will be created for these persons, which makes further testing unnecessary for them. The permanent ticket is issued to the following groups of persons:

  • Vaccinated persons with complete vaccination protection (14-days after the last vaccination date) with a vaccine approved in Germany (two vaccinations with the vaccines BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca and one vaccination with the vaccine of the manufacturer "Johnson&Johnson").
    • Proof: vaccination record card and identity card
  • Persons who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection that occurred at least 28 days and not more than six months ago.
    • Proof: positive PCR test/proof from a physician and ID card

Rapid test results

For individuals who have neither recovered nor have full immunization, an official rapid test with a negative result will still allow them to participate in face-to-face classroom activities on campus. The test center at Hochschule Mittweida will continue to be available for a rapid test (citizen test). A negative rapid test result from the test center at the university or another test center ( not more than 48 hours old) can be exchanged for an access ticket for three days.

  • Proof: negative rapid test

Permanent tickets and access tickets can be received upon presentation of one of the listed proofs directly on campus: behind the test center at building 4 during the following times:

  • Mondays - Fridays: 07:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and
  • Mondays - Thursdays: 02:00 p.m. - 04:00 p.m.

Between these hours, please contact Registration 1 at the testing center!

The following planning status applies to the outgoing summer semester and the subsequent winter semester:

For students and faculty in the summer semester:

Until the end of the lecture period, about seven percent of all courses will continue to take place in attendance. This means that we are responding to the wishes of both students and teachers not to reschedule the semester once again. As usual, the courses can be found in the timetable. Currently, we plan to hold about one third of all exams in attendance. Mandatory testing remains for in-class exams, as well as compliance with spacing and hygiene measures, and consideration for those students who are unable to travel for various reasons. Thus, alternative forms of the examination must be offered if necessary. The regulations also lead to a maximum limit of 60 students per examination per room and time hour, meaning that examinations are sometimes offered in groups and with a time delay. Details on this can be found soon in your timetable.

How and when exactly larger parts of the teaching can take place in face-to-face classes again depends largely on the general development. The winter semester is planned in three phases and the scheduling is done with a hybrid approach - combining online and face-to-face elements. This scheduling allows for a more flexible change of the university to full attendance or adjusted attendance when it becomes possible or necessary:

  • Phase 1 - Flexible "Blockwochen" beginning September 6: The faculties independently arrange this additional attendance option in close coordination with the scheduling of classes. This is based on the expectation of low infection levels, as occurred during this period the previous year. As this time is outside the lecture period, there must be intensive communication between lecturers and students.
  • Phase 2 - Attendance with Digital Phases starting 4 October: The lecture period will have to begin with limited attendance opportunities because, according to current knowledge, vaccination coverage of all population groups might not be achieved by then. Priority will again be given to freshmen as well as graduating seniors and groups that have been absent for an extended period of time.
  • Phase 3 - Increasing attendance rates during the semester: It can only be assessed during the semester whether and how vaccination progress, the occurrence of mutations will be reflected in a possible "4th wave".

However, the change to more attendance will require a run-up time. It can become possible in November at the earliest. In addition, the specific arrangements at HSMW also depend on which regulations the legislator still stipulates with regard to distance and hygiene. Information for employees in research, faculties (without teaching load) and university management from 1 July 2021. The first easements for employees will soon become possible. With the expiration of the "federal emergency brake" and the two-sided home office obligation for employers and employees contained therein, more on-campus attendance work will likely become possible starting 1 July. However, not all university employees will be able to work in the office at the same time because distance and hygiene requirements will still apply. Therefore, the responsibility for who can work in the office on campus and when will continue to rest with the (line) managers and will be coordinated on a decentralized basis in the structural units. Nevertheless, this will allow for a bit more normality. For this reason, the standardized recording of working hours in Matrix will end on 30 June 2021; from this date, working hours will have to be recorded online via the software or on campus via terminal.

12 June 2021: Mensa and University Athletics to open

Given the current low level infection rate, some minor and cautious opening steps are possible on campus. The Mensa Mittweida run by the Studentenwerk will offer food for consumption at the location again starting Monday, 14 June 2021. Please observe the maximum occupancy limits of the tables as well as the rules of the Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance.

University Athletics is expanding its offerings to include some outdoor activities. The beach volleyball pitch and tennis court, for example, are open again. Water enthusiasts can enjoy canoeing in the Zschopau valley. Furthermore, individual fitness training starts in the health and fitness area of the Lothar-Otto-Sporthalle. Registration for the new sports offers has been possible since 10 June. The registration for the use of the beach volleyball pitch is done by mail to sport@hs-mittweida.de.

1 June 2021: Test Center now also opened on Sundays

Due to the expanding easing and openings in the district of Central Saxony, the demand for Corona rapid tests is increasing. The Test Center at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is responding to this demand with new opening hours from 1 June 2021. It will also be open on Sundays with immediate effect:

11 Mai 2021: Modification of the test regulations

University members who wish to participate in face-to-face elements must have a negative Corona rapid test for this purpose. Previously, it was possible to provide a self-disclosure on a self-test according to the Saxon Corona Regulations. This option is no longer permitted at HSMW as of 12 May. From now on, only rapid tests for acute infection with an official negative result will be accepted. These can still be taken free of charge at the test center of Mittweida UAS. University members who have taken the rapid test elsewhere will also receive their ticket for the attendance events there when they present the negative result.

28 April 2021: Summer semester to remain digital for entire lecture period

The stipulation of the federal emergency break ("Bundesnotbremse") until at least 30 June 2021 means that HSMW will continue the course of six percent function-room-bound attendance for practical courses and laboratory activities for the entire lecture period in the summer semester. Faculties and central institutions will schedule these events until 19 May, and they will be posted on class schedules until 28 May. The extension of the current regulation to the entire semester helps to avoid triggering a nationwide mobility of students for the seven course days before the examination period, who in all likelihood will not yet have been vaccinated at that time.

23 April 2021: State of Saxony fine-tunes federal legal regulation

As part of the so-called "federal emergency brake" ("Bundesnotbremse"), the current Population Protection Law ("Bevölkerungsschutzgesetz) limits function-room-bound attendance in the digital summer semester to six percent. In accordance with a protocol note of the Free State of Saxony in the Federal Council, HSMW continues its Mittweida Tandem Model of mandatory corona tests and the offer of individual attendance elements such as practical courses, artistic exercises and laboratory activities. Specifically, this means:

For students and teachers from April 26, 2021:

The previously planned attendance elements such as practical courses and laboratory activities, which are already displayed in the timetable, will continue to be offered. Currently, about six percent of teaching at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences takes place on campus. A further autonomous reduction by the faculties and central institutions is possible. HSMW currently assumes that the regulations will remain in place until the end of June and will inform if there are any regulatory changes.

For employees in research, faculties (without teaching duties) and university management until 30 June 2021:

Employees will continue to work mobile whenever possible. Time recording of all-day home office work ("Home-Office ganztägig") in Matrix remains possible. All other regulations, in particular regarding the test option for an on-campus presence, remain unaffected.

7 April 2021: Changes to COVID-19 Test Center opening hours

The opening hours of the COVID-19 Test Center at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences have been updated. The tests are offered at the times listed below. It is not possible to book an appointment in advance.

  • Mondays: 7:00 – 11:00 AM, 2:00 – 6:00 PM,
  • Tuesdays: 7:00 – 11:00 AM, 3:00 – 7:00 PM,
  • Wednesdays: 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon, 2:00 – 6:00 PM,
  • Thursdays: 8:00 – 12:00 AM, 3:00 – 7:00 PM,
  • Fridays: 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon, 2:00 – 6:00 PM and
  • Saturdays: 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon.

    31 March 2021: "Mittweida Tandem Strategy" starting 1 April 2021

    Almost all German universities have already announced a digital semester. This is often done for pragmatic reasons, as classroom teaching is associated with (too) high logistical and financial costs under the current circumstances. After the past two semesters, we are well equipped. We have managed digital and hybrid teaching as well as exams partly in digital and transformed forms very well.

    Mittweida Tandem Strategy

    Mittweida University of Applied Sciences tries to continue to follow its own way and to enable a small piece of real university on campus besides the inevitable digital and hybrid teaching.

    The adaptation of the HSMW strategy has been worked out in a dialogue between the rectorate and the deans and will be implemented from now until initially 30 May 2021. Across Germany, we are acting "slightly against the trend". With few exceptions, German universities are going into digital lockdown - we are daring to make another go with a tandem strategy of testing and then studying on campus. Our testing center, which will hopefully also become an immunization center in the summer, creates a corridor for this.

    Information for faculty and students

    As of 19 April, ten percent of all scheduled courses across the university can be face-to-face - doubling the current number of our digital start to the semester. The deans and heads of the central institutions will soon be in contact with lecturers to determine the necessary presence elements. The goal is to have primarily those student groups come to the university that have had purely digital teaching for the past year. The student groups may not exceed the group size of 40 people, at the same time the capacity of the rooms still limits the amount of face-to-face teaching due to the spacing rules. The face-to-face offering is tied to teaching staff being able to provide evidence of a current quick test or self-test. At the same time, we open attendance to students if they can also provide evidence of a negative quick test or self-test. Please see the subpages for the exact stipulations.

    The goal is to schedule face-to-face teaching for lecturers and student groups over a period of three consecutive days, since this time corridor means that only one Corona test is required for each participant to secure face-to-face teaching. Therefore, there will be some changes in your schedules, which you will be able to view on 18 April 2021. The circumstances and the short notice result from the new regulation and the related university-wide rescheduling.

    Further, on Tuesday, the Rectorat determined that there is an "emergency" for the summer semester exam period, which means that emergency exam regulations will go into effect as they did last winter semester. This will allow lecturers to convert face-to-face exams to digital exams and students to be more confident in their preparation.

    Compulsory testing for face-to-face teaching at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

    With an extraordinary effort and a further extension, the capacities of the testing center have been expanded spatially to four test suites and in terms of personnel to 28 employees. It is now possible to handle over 1500 tests per week for Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. Without overlaps and restrictions for the university part, tests for the population will also continue to be performed so that we can secure the regulatory function of the center and government funding.

    The health and risk avoidance of all university employees in teaching is the top priority for the rectorate. Therefore, our Mittweida way of tandem of tests and face-to-face elements can only succeed if all participants in the teaching rooms can rely on full testing of all contact persons.

    For this purpose, the test center will significantly extend the test times and open from Monday to Friday for you. The exact times can be found on the subpages. There you will also find the other regulations that apply in the summer semester.

    Please note the following:

    1. There is a requirement for a negative COVID-19 test to participate in face-to-face teaching.
    2. With each negative COVID-19 test you will receive a ticket with your personal data and on weekly changing colored paper, which serves as your access to the face-to-face teaching. This ticket must be presented when requested by the teaching staff.
    3. You will also receive the colored ticket at the testing center when you present a test that is no more than twelve hours old that you took at another testing center or on yourself (self-test). A form for documenting a self-test is available as a PDF (German) from the Saxon Ministry of Social Affairs.
    4. The teachers are obliged to check the tickets before the start of the course. Access to the course will be denied by domiciliary rights if no ticket can be shown. Please check the University Communications newsletter or the right column soon for the changing color of tickets each week.

    Information for employees in research, faculties (without teaching load) and university management

    Employees are required to continue working from a home office whenever possible. As part of the work on campus, every employee can take a free rapid test at the testing center of HSWM from 1 April 2021. For employees with so-called "customer contact", there is also an obligation to take the test twice. "Customer contact" in this context is to be understood as a meeting of a university employee with one or more persons who do not belong to the university. Affected employees are currently being identified and notified individually by their respective supervisors.

    Please continue to check this page for more information - including possible later adjustments. At this time, this agenda is intended to make planning a little easier for all university employees.

    The "Hygiene and Organizational Requirements" of HSMW effective as of 1 April are now available for download as a PDF in German and in English language.

    20 September 2021: Addition to testing obligations for the staff

    In addition to official rapid tests, the Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance also permits the use of self-tests in certain cases. In this context, the following applies:

    • The testing requirement for customer contact can also be satisfied by individual self-tests or supervised self-tests. Self-tests are available to employees at the Corona Test Center at Hochschule Mittweida and can be picked up there. Similarly, a proctored self-test or a rapid test can be completed there. Self-tests must be documented, a template has been provided by HSMW to the deans and heads of the central institutions.
    • When returning to work after a break of five working days, an individual self-test is not sufficient. Only an official rapid test or a supervised self-test meet the requirements. They can be taken at the testing center at HSMW.

    17 September 2021: Priciples Paper of the Student Council and Response of the University Administration

    Hochschule Mittweida is excited to welcome its students back to campus and looks forward to a winter semester with a high attendance rate in teaching (70 percent of all courses), accompanied by support and counseling services. It ensures this with hygiene precautions, contact tracing, testing and a low-threshold vaccination offer in its own testing center on campus. The 3G rule (Geimpft, Genesen, Getestet - Vaccinated, Recovered, Tested) applies to faculty and students alike. Testing will remain free for students at least through 30 November. The physical and mental health of all university employees remains a priority.

    HSMW's Student Council has submitted a Principles Paper for the upcoming winter semester. It describes the conditions/requirements for an academic and cultural life at our university in times of COVID-19 and a still insufficient immunization quota.

    The university administration responds warmly to the paper, recognizing not a one-sided list of demands from the student council but, once again, a commitment by students to participate in the response to the pandemic to an extraordinary degree.

    The two documents are testimonies of the common path towards the common goal of a revitalized and safe campus of Hochschule Mittweida.

    8 September 2021: Measures for the Winter Semester

    The winter semester will once again bring more attendance on campus. Not all university employees are yet protected from the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and thus measures for their protection are still necessary.

    For this reason, and to structure the measures regulated by official directives applying to Mittweida UAS, the "Organizational and Hygiene Requirements for the Winter Semester 2021/2022" will apply at the HSMW as of 15 September.

    Among other things, they contain easements for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered from an infection, as well as regulations on the Saxony-wide obligation to test when coming into contact with customers. A subsequent instruction regulates the duties for all university employees with teaching duties, in research and management in more detail.

    The FAQ on the subpages of this COVID-19 topic page will be updated in the coming days. Of course, there's a version of the requirements in German available.

    22 January 2021: Continued digital teaching - university management remains working remotely

    The current incidence rates and the imponderables of the further pandemic development (mutations) mean that we still have to continue along the path taken by Mittweida University of Applied Sciences of avoiding mobility and restricting contacts. Therefore, HSMW continues its digital operation to the greatest possible extent for the coming weeks until the start of the lecture period in the summer semester.

    In detail, this means:

    For teaching and studying until 7 February 2021 (end of the lecture period):

    Study operations will remain digital as far as possible. Up to 7. February 2021, a few attendance elements in functional rooms are permissible in accordance with the procedure used up to now. All courses (digital and face-to-face) will be updated in the timetable.

    For the examination period from 8 February – 7 March 2021:

    The examination schedules are now available online. Numerous examinations originally designed to be taken in person have been changed, so that only a small proportion will be taken in person at Mittweida UAS. The exact details of the examinations can be found in the timetables and examination schedules as well as in the information that will be provided by the examiners for each examination. With the changed exams, all students should be able to complete this semester properly.

    Even the university-wide low percentage of attendance exams, however, can create hardships for individuals if, for example, taking the exam requires travel from a great distance, or cannot be arranged with necessary childcare. The Rectorate has therefore asked the examination boards to be extremely generous in their treatment of hardship requests and to find alternative options for exam participation. Please send your hardship requests to the Sozialkontaktstelle.

    With the joint efforts of everyone, students and teaching staff alike, we have managed to ensure that the winter semester has not become a 'non-semester' despite the restrictions. The university wants to respond to the pandemic-related restrictions with a high degree of flexibility of study, even with the regulations on examinations, and relies on the mutual trust and cooperation of students and teaching staff.

    For the lecture-free period (8 March – 21 March 2021)

    During the lecture-free period, a "teaching quarantine" applies on campus. This means that no teaching takes place, nor are the university's rooms available to students and teachers in general. Instead, a significant reduction in campus attendance is in effect. Presence at the university must be coordinated with the supervisor and is only possible when justified and absolutely necessary for studies, teaching and business operations. For work in research and university management, the necessary reduction has already been agreed with the individual employees.

    Summer semester (phase 1) from 22 March to 18 April 2021

    The first phase of the lecture period in the summer semester will be digital as far as possible. A few attendance elements tied to function rooms will initially be permitted until 18 April 2021, in line with the procedure used so far. For all faculties, as things stand at present, a maximum of 15 percent of all courses can take place on campus. In addition, temporary exceptions apply for various student groups, especially for those who are beginning their studies in Mittweida. As already known, the application and approval procedure for the attendance elements is handled by the deans and heads of the central institutions. The registration of these elements with attendance that are tied to functional rooms takes place in the following schedule:


    1. Lecturers can view the timetable in the processing status as of 8 February 2021.
    2. The deans and heads of the central institutions receive information about the number of attendance elements on 10 February 2021.
    3. Registration of the attendance elements will be returned by 19 February 2021.
    4. Students will be able to view their schedule online beginning 1 March 2021.

    Summer semester (phase 2) starting 19 April 2021

    According to current knowledge, the effectiveness of the national and regional measures already taken and rising temperatures should enable a return to the campus that is more widespread in terms of time and numbers. However, an estimate of how extensive the return may actually be is not yet possible at this point in time. Mittweida UAS will therefore determine the strategy for the second phase of the summer semester after consultation with the Senate on 24 March 2021. We will inform before Easter about a possible return to campus from 19 April 2021.

    For office (incl. teaching staff) and laboratory attendance as well as in university management valid at least until 22 March 2021:

    Mobile work remains the norm for all employees. Work on campus at Mittweida UAS is only possible if the supervisor agrees to it in individual cases, taking into account a comprehensive disentanglement of attendance as far as possible. A procedure that is as unbureaucratic as possible is regulated individually in the faculties, institutions and departments, it ensures the traceability of possible infection chains and minimizes contacts.

    No "systemic relevance" for HSMW employees

    There is currently no legislative recognition of a systemic relevance of our work at HSMW (for emergency care eligibility, etc.).

    Time recording in Matrix and Vacation

    For time recording in Matrix, the already known regulation applies until 22 March 2021. The recordings can be made individually with the absence type "Home Office ganztägig". This absence type is to be entered in Matrix using the category "Korrekturen". Absences already entered (e.g. vacation, sick, child sick) remain valid and may not be overwritten by this absence type. Likewise, leave that has already been requested and approved cannot be canceled. This procedure requires a high degree of trust and guarantees the undiminished continuation of salary payments.

    Furthermore, for all university employees, the following applies until further notice:

    Library and canteen (Mensa)

    The library is closed as a place of learning, although borrowing services remain possible as usual. The Mensa remains open for lunch with a limited offer of take-away meals. It is currently not possible to eat in the Mensa. Also, eating together in the university's facilities must be avoided.

    Stricter mask requirements on campus

    The general mask requirement on campus remains in effect. Based on the current implementation of the decrees from the federal/state coordination, there is a requirement to wear a medical mask (surgical face mask) or FFP2 mask for encounter activities and for workplace activities in non-individually occupied work spaces. Wearing a facemask of cloth does not meet these requirements and does not allow access to campus traffic areas or to enter or remain in university buildings.

    FFP2 masks are available in limited quantities for those university employees who are on campus on a permanent basis. Requests can be made using the form "Antrag Ausgabe Schutzausrüstung" (Request for protective equipment), which can be found in the ZIP under the forms and documents of the Facility Management.

    Test facilities and further information

    The test service at Mittweida UAS has recommenced its service. University members with COVID-19 symptoms can register for the free test by e-mail or by calling +49-3727/58-1493. Appointments are usually made at short notice.

    Furthermore, it is possible to perform an antigen test or an antibody test on a self-cost basis, even without COVID-19 symptoms. The costs are 15,00 Euro per test and will be charged by the student council afterwards (no payment on site). Testing takes place on Wednesdays, 13:00 - 14:00 in the testing tent between house 4 and house 8; pre-registration is not necessary.

    The general regulations regarding presence on campus and in university buildings (mask requirement, distance and hygiene regulations, etc.) must still be followed.

    25 November 2020: Consultations with the Senate on pandemic issues (Kopie 1)

    The Senate of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and the University Council have agreed with the Rectorate on necessary actions to deal with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. While at other Saxon UAS maximum of 10 percent of courses are now held in attendance, HSMW has, since the beginning of the winter semester, committed itself to protecting the health of the university staff while at the same time providing the attendance on campus that is essential for excellent teaching. Mittweida UAS acts largely on its own responsibility in this respect, as the almost 100 health authorities responsible for the university throughout Germany, based on the main residence of the university members, were no longer able to keep up with developments.

    HSMW's Corona Board has been working close to the limit for weeks to ensure a successful realization of these measures. Since April, the working group has been working with full commitment on the necessary arrangements, proposing them to the committees of the HSMW for decision and taking over their communication and implementation with student assistants, for example in the context of contact tracking. With the Christmas break, however, the risk of infection increases. By traveling to their families and spending time in their home town, students and employees will have many different contacts. A medium-term quarantine phase, in which digital teaching will make up the vast majority of courses, is therefore inevitable in order to successfully finish the winter semester, track contacts at HSMW and break chains of infection after Christmas. The Rectorate has reached agreement with the Senate on this.

    From 7 December to 17 January, attendance at lectures will therefore be further reduced. During this phase, there will only be a limited number of individual appointments for which teaching in face-to-face sessions on campus is possible. The faculties and central institutions are currently discussing which courses can be offered in functionally-oriented rooms with a maximum number of 10 participants. The timetables are to be communicated by the evening of 4 December.

    This phase of "digital quarantine" before and after Christmas protects the families of all university members. It also enables us as a university to prepare for the examination phase. By isolating ourselves and reducing contacts to the absolute minimum, we ensure for each individual and for the whole HSMW as far as possible that everyone can spend the three weeks before the exam period - if necessary - and the exam period itself in presence on campus.

    9 December 2020: Mandatory use of masks on the entire campus, mobile work becomes the norm again

    Starting 14 December, the government of the Free State of Saxony announced far-reaching actions to combat the epidemic situation in the state. At Hochschule Mittweida, this will result in the following stipulations, which have been agreed upon today by the deans and heads of the central institutions and the rectorate on the basis of our autonomous governance:

    • The current regulations confirmed by our committees will be supplemented by making masks mandatory on the entire campus with immediate effect.

    At least until 10 January the following applies in addition:

    • For teaching and studies: digital courses will be continued according to the respective timetables. Limited function room-bound face-to-face teaching is still possible. Instructors independently check further reduction possibilities and implement them directly with the representatives for the course schedule.
    • For the university library: HSB will be closed as a place of learning, but borrowing literature will remain possible.
    • For office (incl. lecturers and instructors) and non-office staff such as laboratory staff as well as in central management: from now on, mobile work will once again be the basic policy for all employees. Work in presence at Hochschule Mittweida will remain possible under strict separation and minimization of contacts in specific cases, if the superior in charge agrees. A procedure that is as unbureaucratic as possible will be individually regulated in the faculties, institutions and departments; it ensures the traceability of possible chains of infection.
    • For your information: According to the current state of knowledge, there is no recognition by the legislator of the systemic relevance (for kindergartens etc.) of our work at HSMW.
    • For time recording in Matrix and scheduled leave: Time recording is done individually in Matrix up to and including 11 December 2020. From 14 December 2020 until at least 10 January 2021, the standard arrangement already known from spring and summer will apply, in which eight hours of working time are automatically recorded in Matrix. Leave already applied for and approved cannot be returned. HSMW implements the standard time recording arrangement on the basis of a trustful handling of the situation and thus ensures the undiminished continuation of the salary payments.
    • For citizen contribution: The state government requests public service employees to support the health authorities. The deans and heads of the central institutions have therefore been informed by the chancellor to consider such support. The Rectorate would be pleased if our university can make a contribution to combating the pandemic in the region, insofar as the individual working and living situation permits it.

    3 December 2020: "Digital Quarantine" begins on 7 December

    Mittweida University of Applied Sciences switches to a new phase during the corona pandemic on 7 December. After the entire HSMW has, with the greatest efforts, made possible more face-to-face teaching on the campus in Mittweida during the winter semester 2020/2021 than any other Saxon university of applied sciences, we must now reduce learning and teaching in face-to-face courses until 17 January.

    The reasons for this decision, which the Senate of HSMW and the rectorate have agreed on, are manifold. The protection of the university members and their families as well as securing the teaching and examination operations at the end of the semester remain crucial. In addition, extensive contact restrictions have been in force in the district of Central Saxony since 1 December, and leaving one's own household is only possible with good reason. The Christmas season and the turn of the year will mean more new contacts in a different environment for many university members than was the case in recent weeks. The digital phase thus promotes "voluntary quarantine" by reducing contacts and national and international mobility.For the reasons mentioned above, among others, the digital phase will apply from 7 December 2020 until 17 January 2021:

    • Teaching is principally provided online. Only selected individual events which, due to having to be held in a functional room or under special constellations and due to the fact that they must be held during the digital phase, can be held in the classroom with a maximum number of 10 participants. The faculties and central institutions have independently determined which courses and examinations these are. Students will find the information in their timetable on the web from 5 December 2020.
    • Access to the HSMW buildings during that period is only permitted for students who attend such a function room-bound course. For those who do not have the necessary technical or infrastructural prerequisites to participate in synchronous online teaching at home, HSMW has reserved several rooms with a limited number of seats for participation in these live lectures. These are the rooms 8-102, 8-103, 3-019, 4-021, 4-053, and 2-103. Attendance is recorded using the card readers and the HSMW card familiar from the courses. Please note that the capacity of the rooms is limited. For example, rooms 4-053 and 2-103 may only accommodate 10 persons at the same time. All students are therefore encouraged to show solidarity with those who depend on these rooms.
    • In addition to the valid reasons for leaving one's own house as required by the new Corona regulation, both work activity and participation in academic courses are considered to be valid. In case of controls within the district of Central Saxony, you can prove this legitimate reason on your way to campus with the HSMW card. As a student identification card, the HSMW card in combination with the identity card also serves as proof of these reasons outside of the district of Central Saxony. Employees can also download a certificate in the ZIP, which certifies the necessity of mobility for professional work.

    Work in research and management can continue to be carried out according to the previously known hygiene and contact rules. Even lecturers who do not have the necessary technical infrastructure at home may teach from their office on campus and work there.

    For the rest of the semester, it is planned to enable hybrid teaching and thus more presence again from 18 January 2021. Three weeks later, the examination period will begin on 8 February. After the mobility of many university members during the lecture-free period, which lasts until 21 March, HSMW will start the semester again with predominantly online teaching according to current planning. Starting 19 April, the rectorate and the senate hope that warmer weather and hopefully available vaccines will allow us as HSMW to largely return to face-to-face teaching.

    25 November 2020: Consultations with the Senate on pandemic issues

    The Senate of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and the University Council have agreed with the Rectorate on necessary actions to deal with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. While at other Saxon UAS maximum of 10 percent of courses are now held in attendance, HSMW has, since the beginning of the winter semester, committed itself to protecting the health of the university staff while at the same time providing the attendance on campus that is essential for excellent teaching. Mittweida UAS acts largely on its own responsibility in this respect, as the almost 100 health authorities responsible for the university throughout Germany, based on the main residence of the university members, were no longer able to keep up with developments.

    HSMW's Corona Board has been working close to the limit for weeks to ensure a successful realization of these measures. Since April, the working group has been working with full commitment on the necessary arrangements, proposing them to the committees of the HSMW for decision and taking over their communication and implementation with student assistants, for example in the context of contact tracking. With the Christmas break, however, the risk of infection increases. By traveling to their families and spending time in their home town, students and employees will have many different contacts. A medium-term quarantine phase, in which digital teaching will make up the vast majority of courses, is therefore inevitable in order to successfully finish the winter semester, track contacts at HSMW and break chains of infection after Christmas. The Rectorate has reached agreement with the Senate on this.

    From 7 December to 17 January, attendance at lectures will therefore be further reduced. During this phase, there will only be a limited number of individual appointments for which teaching in face-to-face sessions on campus is possible. The faculties and central institutions are currently discussing which courses can be offered in functionally-oriented rooms with a maximum number of 10 participants. The timetables are to be communicated by the evening of 4 December.

    This phase of "digital quarantine" before and after Christmas protects the families of all university members. It also enables us as a university to prepare for the examination phase. By isolating ourselves and reducing contacts to the absolute minimum, we ensure for each individual and for the whole HSMW as far as possible that everyone can spend the three weeks before the exam period - if necessary - and the exam period itself in presence on campus.

    25 September 2020: New Organizational und Hygiene Requirements for the Winter Semester

    Lectures in the winter semester 2020/2021 will begin on 19 October, but new organizational and hygiene arrangements will apply from 28 September. On the one hand, they simplify access to the campus. On the other hand, by concentrating on the traceability of contacts, they lay the foundation for making and keeping teaching, learning, research and university management on campus possible.

    Key facts:

    • The hybrid winter semester enables higher attendance rates: Teaching will take place on campus again - as far as capacities allow - with adequate protective measures. All university members are awaited back on campus, although attendance times must still be limited.
    • Attendance must be recorded in order to identify contacts and break chains of infection in the event of an outbreak. All members of the university therefore always carry their HSMW cards with them. External visitors are consequently registered in the faculties and departments.
    • So-called AHA rules must still be observed: distance (Abstand) + hygiene + mask (Alltagsmaske). The masks which have to cover mouth and nose may only be taken off in lectures and in offices/workrooms if the minimum distance is permanently guaranteed.
    • Students who cannot return home during breaks or who do not have sufficient internet connections there will find a limited number of workstations in rooms 3-019, 4-021, 8-102 and 8-103. The library is open as well.
    • Those who feel ill stay at home. Anyone who has corona symptoms should definitely get tested and inform the HSMW via corona@hs-mitweida.de or +49 3272 58 14 93.
    • The attendance of all employees can be registered in the "Absence System": Central registration is then carried out in faculties and department to determine who is not working at the university. The deans and heads of departments decide which principle is adopted.

    The detailed regulations can be found on the subpages for students, teaching staff and employees.

    25 August 2020: Rules for returning from risk areas

    The holiday season has induced the federal and state authorities to make testing mandatory for travellers returning from risk areas and to provide free testing for those entering Germany from other areas.

    Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and its student council support the students by organizing tests in Mittweida, among other things. More information can be found in the FAQ for students on the subpage.

    For the employees of HSMW, the Free State of Saxony has specified its instructions. Teaching staff and other employees can find this information on the subpages addressed to them.

    26 June 2020: Block weeks in winter semester 2020/2021 start earlier

    In the winter semester 2020/2021, the block-week period begins on 21 September. The two additional weeks will be used to catch up on courses from the summer semester 2020 that require presence on the campus of Mittweida UAS. The preparatory courses for future students will also begin on 21 September. Originally in April, HSMW had planned the starting date for the block weeks to be 5 October. The extended period for block weeks and preparatory courses will allow the courses to be unbundled in terms of space and time in order to maintain the necessary hygiene conditions to contain the pandemic.

    22 June 2020: New regulations for the digital summer semester

    The unusual summer semester 2020 is coming to an end. The sometimes painful restrictions and, above all, the discipline of the majority of the population have contributed to the fact that loosening up in many areas of the economy and society can now be justified, taking into account many legitimate interests. What applies on a large scale also applies on the - relatively - small scale of our university.

    From 22 June 2020, new regulations will therefore apply on the campus of Mittweida UAS, which have been incorporated into the information for students, employees and lecturers as FAQs. They concern, among other things, campus presence and access rules, mask obligation, break times, the university library, work rooms, business trips and time recording.

    The new regulations apply subject to further favorable developments. They replace or supplement the service regulations of 14 May 2020 as well as the general guideline "Attendance on Campus in the Digital Summer Semester 2020" of 7 May 2020.

    3 June 2020: Lecturers temporarily freed from the obligation to wear masks

    On Mittweida University of Applied Sciences' campus, all members of the university are required to wear a mask. However, the rectorate and the university management have agreed to make it easier for teachers to communicate during the courses:

    In future, lecturers are exempt from the obligation to wear masks in the specific teaching situation in the classroom if they can guarantee a minimum distance of three metres to the students at all times. Beyond that, the decision of the Rectorate does not release the lecturers from the obligation to wear masks in the buildings.

    25 May 2020: Hardcopys of the HSB's stock also available in digital form for key texts of the semester

    In order to support digital teaching and learning, the University Library (HSB) offers to access its hardcopy stock during the Corona Pandemic, either by picking it up or electronically. This also applies to lecturers. They can order up to 15 percent of a publication and then upload it to their digital semester apparatus on the learning platform used.

    Lecturers and students alike order the literature as usual via the Primo research portal. They will receive an e-mail notification of availability when the library colleagues have selected the book. The title will then be available at the "pick-up counter" at the HSB's return machine, which is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. Students and teachers who are unable to pick up the publication will reply directly to the HSB's e-mail and request an "elektronische Zustellung" (electronic delivery). For this purpose, the required contents (chapters, pages) of the respective title must be specified. The HSB staff will endeavour to digitise and send the literature within one working day.

    18 May 2020: Canteen (Mensa) opens dining areas under special hygiene conditions

    After two weeks of "Mensa To Go", the Studentenwerk Freiberg opens the dining area of the Mensa from 18 May 2020. So lunch can be eaten in the building. Although the choice of food will remain limited, it will be varied. The guests have to get used to a few special aspects:

    • Wearing a face mask is mandatory. It may only be taken off at the table.
    • A maximum of 2 persons may sit at a table at the same time, whereby they must maintain the usual minimum distance.
    • The protection of health is the highest priority here too: soap and hand disinfectant are therefore available for all guests.

    14 May 2020: Detailed regulations and work instructions for the Digital Summer Semester and its attendance elements

    In addition to the guideline "Anwesenheit auf dem Campus im digitalen Sommersemester 2020 an der Hochschule Mittweida" the rectorate has discussed further regulations with the deans of the faculties regarding attendance in teaching, management and research.These are directed at students, lecturers, researchers and employees in university management and the directors' villa.

    In general, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences carries out the summer semester as a digital summer semester. By reducing the movement of employees and students and by avoiding physical contact, all members of the university contribute to containing the pandemic. Together we are helping to protect our own health and that of our colleagues, fellow students, friends and family members. This is and remains the primary objective of the measures.  Faculties, central institutions and the university management have identified research and other projects in which it is possible to work in presence at the university for a specific period of time, with limited personnel and space.

    The following applies to students:

    • The safe and successful attendance in the Digital Summer Semester 2020 depends to a large extent on each individual's consistent implementation of the guidelines.
    • As you are part of the most important and numerically largest group in attendance, the rector is calling on you to make your contribution and to live up to your high responsibility towards your fellow students and teachers. This also applies to your behavior on campus and in the university city before and after courses of the attendence elements. We have planned these in such a way that you have to travel as little as possible and have few encounters.
    • In addition to your ethical and moral obligation, please consider possible disadvantages for your studies, which we all want to prevent. Disregarding the rules can lead to exclusion from courses and expulsion from campus. Your lecturers have been given the householder's rights for this.

    The following applies to lecturers:

    • The safe and successful attendance of the Digital Summer Semester 2020 depends largely on your ability to reliably fulfil the tasks set out in the service instructions - in addition to your teaching duties. The rector urges you to implement them consistently.
    • In order to implement the measures, the rector transfers to the lecturers for the duration of their course the householder's rights vis-à-vis the participating students, subject to proportionate application.  In particular, you are entitled to expel persons from your course and from the building if they violate the general house rules and the special rules known to everyone. Please record such cases.

    The following applies to researchers:

    • The time and extent of attendance at the university for researchers / for research and project activities (in future: "on-site research including on-site projects") is subordinate to attendance in teaching in the case of time and spacial conflicts.
    • Just like the time planning, the implementation of on-site research must also follow strict rules, which researchers and their project managers are personally responsible for observing.
    • The safe and successful implementation of the research and externally funded projects within the framework of the Digital Summer Semester 2020 depends largely on the fact that you as a researcher, in addition to your scientific, organisational and administrative activities in the project, reliably fulfil the tasks set out in the instructions. The rector calls upon you to implement them consistently. Please also consider possible consequences under employment law and other consequences that we all want to avoid.

    The following applies to employees in university management and the directors' villa:

    • Ensuring that the elements of attendance are secured also creates a special responsibility for you as an employee in university management. Please be highly committed to the realisation of the on-site operation.
    • The safe and successful execution of the Digital Summer Semester 2020 depends to a large extent on your ability as an employee in university management to reliably fulfil the tasks of the official instructions. As an employee, you are directly responsible to the university administration.

    In detail: Instructions and guidelines

    The instructions for each group supplement the guideline "Anwesenheit auf dem Campus im digitalen Sommersemester 2020 an der Hochschule Mittweida" with detailed regulations. You can find them below as a PDF for download. For permanent access, information is available on the subpages for the individual groups. Please pay attention to and use the following documents:

    14 May 2020: Defining the entrances and exits of the university buildings

    For the absolutely essential on-site elements from 18 May 2020 onwards, the university management has determined which doors of the university buildings will be used as entrances and which as exits. The spatial separation minimizes - where possible - the risk of a transfer of the virus, because the groups will not cross each other when entering and leaving the buildings.

    Students should gather at the meeting point signposted in front of the entrance up to 15 minutes before their course starts and keep a minimum distance of two metres between them. They can only enter the building when they are picked up there shortly before the lecture. They then undergo individual disinfection at the hygiene station.

    The plans are available as pictures below and can also be downloaded as a PDF.

    Building 1:

    Building 2:

    Building 3:

    Building 5:

    Building 6:

    Building 7:

    Building 8:

    Building 9/11:

    Building 29c:

    Building 39:

    7 May 2020: Guidelines for campus attendance in the digital summer semester 2020

    On 7 May 2020, the university administration together with the deans issued the guideline "Presence on campus during the digital summer semester 2020 at Mittweida University. (Studies, Teaching, Research, Management)".

    The corona pandemic prevents a regular execution of the summer semester 2020 at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. The necessary national and international mobility of lecturers and students to carry out a on-campus semester promotes the spread of the corona-virus. The summer semester will therefore be conducted as a digital semester and supplemented by individual attendance elements.

    The guidelines include - among other things - the following

    • the attendance of professors, students, staff, in teaching and research, the rectorate, the university
    • the prioritization of possible attendance approvals,
    • possibilities of access to the buildings and the procedures required for this,
    • hygiene rules on campus, including the obligation to wear face masks covering mouth and nose on the entire campus and the use and distribution of disinfectants and masks.

      The entire guideline is now available to all university members as a PDF download (German only). Supplementary instructions and further information for specific groups will follow.

      Information on digital learning and examinations is still available on the Campus Mundus University website.



      Statement from the university administration about coronavirus

      Starting 4 May 2020: University Library provides "ordering services"

      The University Library (HSB) is expanding its range of services starting 4 May 2020. In order to give members of the university access to the literature stock of the open access areas, the seminar apparatus as well as the stockroom and the print media of the reference literature despite the closure to the public, an "ordering service" will be established. More information on the ordering service of the university library can be found on the HSB website.

      It will also be even easier for both teachers and students to participate in the development of the literature stock. Together with Lehmanns Media, the HSB has created a new portal that can be used to suggest an order from over one million books, which is then available in the university library after review. More information on order suggestions can also be found on the HSB website.

      20 April 2020: Schedule and regulations for the current semester and beyond

      Since 18 March 2020, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is in online operations. The campus and the buildings are in standby. Teaching, research and management of the university work from home office or are on standby.

      Access to the buildings is strictly regulated and only possible in individual cases on application and with confirmation from the Rector. This procedure remains in force for the time being. Thus, in addition to the organization team in Building 1, access has only been granted for selected research areas and contracted research in the Laser Institute since 14 April.

      Policy for further planning

      The university will continue to help contain the pandemic. The protection of the health of all university members and their personal environment is a priority. We have the necessary freedom under university law to organize the coming months, and within this framework we are fulfilling our responsibility towards the university, society and in particular the city of Mittweida and its citizens.
      Important basic data for the coming months

      The summer semester at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences remains a "digital semester". Contrary to our original hopes, we will not return to traditional face-to-face teaching either on 4 May or later. Teaching, learning, and research will be continued digitally wherever possible. The university management remains in mobile work or on standby. There can and will be only a few exceptions to this rule in the future.

      The presence on the campus is limited to a few absolutely necessary courses, i.e. laboratory and room-bound courses such as practical courses and exercises, which are carried out in compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations and under exclusion of risk groups.


      • By 22 April, faculties and central institutions will report which presence elements of courses must receive campus access, stating the time frame, the number of participants and the spatial and personnel resources.
      • On 23 April, the rectorate will hold a consultation with the deans and heads of the central institutions.
      • On 28 April, the rectorate agrees on details regarding the further procedure (in teaching, university management and research in order to modify mobile work and supplement digital teaching with selected attendance elements and examinations).
      • On 29 April, the rectorate will inform all members of the university about the further procedure.
      • Until the start of lectures in the winter semester on 19 October 2020, further special conditions apply to all areas.
      • As of 4 May, selected employees of the university library will be granted access to their workplace. They will ensure the production of digital copies that make reference literature digitally available individually and that literature is physically available on loan. The lending is carried out in compliance with the rules of distance. Apart from this, the HSB remains closed to users.
      • From 11 May, lecturers, researchers and university management staff will be granted access to the university through the application procedure for the preparation of the on-campus elements of teaching and selected other tasks.
      • From 18 May onwards, absolutely necessary attendance elements of teaching can be carried out and access will be granted exclusively for the respective lecturers and groups of students. The phase of restricted face-to-face teaching ends on 10 July.
      • This is followed by a two-week examination phase (Prüfungsphase SoSe I) starting on 13 July, which can also only be conducted in attendance in exceptional cases.
      • Before lectures begin in the winter semester (19 October), an additional examination phase (Prüfungsphase SoSe II) will take place from 5 to 16 October, combined with a catch-up phase for teaching (block courses) and examinations of the summer semester.

      Regulations and dates for special forms of teaching such as preliminary courses, block weeks, decentralized university studies (DHS) will follow.

      Notes on exams

      As a rule, exams should be carried out without physical presence.

      Any change in the way examinations are conducted (i.e. the type of examination) is the responsibility of the lecturer/examiner in consultation with the second examiner or the Dean of Studies according to the dual control principle and must be documented at the examination board meeting.

      The fact that deadlines (e.g. standard period of study) have now been largely suspended makes it easier to transfer the examination to a later examination phase in individual cases. In any case, a later alternative to the changed examination form will be offered as an alternative to the original examination.

      22 March 2020: General Ruling of the Free State of Saxony

      The Free State of Saxony has published a general ruling which largely restricts public life. Until April 5th you must stay at home. You are only allowed to leave your home for the following purposes:

      • going to work (please note that a proof from your employer might be requested)
      • going to the grocery store
      • going to appointments with public authorities that cannot be delayed
      • going to the post office
      • visiting the doctor
      • sport and exercises
      • to walk pets.

      If you go outside for one of the above named reasons, it is only allowed to go outside alone or in a group with people who live with you. You must not go out in groups with more than 5 people in total. Please also be advised to practice social distancing when you go out. Keep a distance of at least 1.5m to other people and avoid contacts with other people as much as you can.

      Please note, that if you do not comply to these rules you can be fined and arrested by the government.

      The general ruling can be downloaded in German here: https://www.coronavirus.sachsen.de/download/AllgV-Corona-Ausgangsbeschraenkungen_22032020.pdf. The text below is a reading version of it translated into English, intended to be comprehensible for international students and employees:

      General Ruling

      Enforcement of the Protection against Infection Act (IfSG)

      Initial restrictions in connection with the corona pandemic

      Announcement of the Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion (SMS)
      of 22 March 2020, Ref. 15-5422/10:


      1. leaving domestic accommodation without good reason is prohibited.

      2. good reasons are in particular:

      2.1. the avoidance of immediate danger to life, limb and property,

      2.2. the exercise of professional activities (this includes travelling to and from the place of work)

      2.3. outward and return journey to emergency childcare in accordance with the general ruling of the SMS concerning day-care centres and schools of 18 March 2020 and to day-care facilities in accordance with the general ruling of the SMS of 20 March 2020, or professionally arranged substitute childcare,

      2.4. ensuring security of supply for the population, including collection and delivery services (including through voluntary work)

      2.5. carrying out the necessary delivery traffic, including letter and mail order business,

      2.6. journeys by fire brigade, rescue or disaster control teams to the relevant base or location of action,

      2.7. the use of medical, psychosocial and veterinary care services (e.g. visits to doctors, medical treatment and essential specialist consultations as well as blood and plasma donations), as well as visits by members of the medical and health care professions, insofar as this is medically urgently required (e.g. psycho- and physiotherapists, including in old people's and nursing homes) or within the framework of urgently required pastoral care,

      2.8. supply channels for everyday consumer goods (retail outlets for food, wholesale trade, drinks markets, pet supply stores, pharmacies, drugstores, medical supply stores, opticians, hearing aid dispensers, banks, savings banks and ATMs, post offices, petrol stations, car and bicycle repair shops, dry cleaners, laundries, newspaper sales and postal voting)

      2.9. the keeping of appointments with authorities, courts, bailiffs, lawyers and notaries that cannot be postponed,

      2.10. Visiting spouses, life partners and long-term cohabitants, people in need of help, sick or disabled people (outside institutions) and exercising custody in the respective private sphere,

      2.11. Accompanying vulnerable persons and minors,

      2.12. Accompanying the dying as well as funerals in the immediate family circle, whereby the number of persons must not exceed 15,

      2.13. Sports and exercise outdoors in the vicinity of domestic accommodation as well as visiting one's own allotment garden within the meaning of the Federal Allotment Garden Act, but exclusively alone or accompanied by one's partner or with members of one's own household and not in a group of more than five persons and

      2.14. acts indispensable for the care of animals.

      In the event of an inspection by the bodies entrusted with the execution of this order, the person concerned must provide appropriate evidence of the good reasons. Such evidence may be furnished in particular by presenting an employer's certificate, a company or service card or personal documents.

      3. visits to old people's and nursing homes, institutions and outpatient assisted living communities and residential groups with disabled persons which are covered by the scope of application of § 2 of the Saxon Care and Quality of Living Act, hospitals and preventive and rehabilitation institutions in which medical care comparable to that provided in hospitals is provided (institutions pursuant to § 23 Paragraph 3 Nos. 1 and 3 IfSG) are prohibited. (...)

      4. furthermore, everyone is required to reduce physical social contact with other people outside the members of his own household to an absolutely necessary minimum. Wherever possible, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between two persons must be maintained.

      5. express reference is made to the punishability of an infringement of points 1 and 3 of this order pursuant to § 75 (1) No. 1 IfSG.

      6. aggravating orders of the local health authorities in connection with the containment of the corona pandemic remain unaffected.

      7. This General Order is immediately enforceable pursuant to Section 28 Paragraph 3 in conjunction with Section 16 Paragraph 8 IfSG.

      8. This General Administrative Order shall enter into force at 00:00 hours on 23 March 2020 and shall cease to have effect at 24:00 hours on 5 April 2020.


      The violation of an enforceable order pursuant to § 28 Paragraph 1 Sentence 2 IfSG is punishable under § 75 Paragraph 1 No. 1 IfSG.


      16 March 2020: Mittweida University of Applied Sciences switches entirely to mobile work

      After the already completed conversion to digital teaching, the university administration of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences has decided, in agreement with the Saxon Rectors' Conference, to go into standby mode from Wednesday, 18 March, 12 noon.

      All universities in the Free State of Saxony are joining this move, which will be in effect until at least 4 May 4 2020.

      This move affects all areas of the university in teaching, research and university management. It affects all buildings including the Laserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida, the university library, the canteen and the Lothar-Otto-Sporthalle. It is binding for all members of the university!

      Standby means that operations on campus are reduced to maintaining the infrastructure of digital teaching and core administrative processes as well as securing the facilities. Apart from a core team, all employees will no longer be able to operate on campus.

      Teaching and learning will continue to be realized via digital offerings. This offer will be successively expanded.

      As has already been the case for students and teachers, this now also means the transition to mobile work for a large proportion of employees.

      We inform students and employees on the sub-pages linked to this page about the detailed implementation for all groups (possibilities for mobile work, examination law aspects, etc.):

      Please keep up to date from home with this page and pay attention to the inbox in your hs-mittweida.de e-mail box.

      Generally speaking:

      • All members of the university (students, employees), external service providers and the public are not allowed to enter the university buildings. Door opening via the HSMW-Card is switched off. This means that all activities associated with presence at the university are to be refrained from. This includes individual laboratory and desk work as well as examinations, workshops, service consultations and appointments with external organisers, regardless of the number of people involved.
      • Strictly regulated exceptions apply, which are made for security and the maintenance of necessary services.
      • Accordingly, access to the university buildings is only permitted to the security guards and named employees, who are informed of this by the university management.

      The consequences of the efforts to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, in addition to the economic dimension, affect more and more areas of our personal and social everyday life, even if we are not affected by the disease. In addition to individual hygiene rules and behaviour after stays in risk areas or contact with possibly infected persons, the most effective measure against the further rapid spread of the coronavirus is the avoidance of mobility and direct contact. This delay helps to relieve the burden on the healthcare system and can save lives.

      With this in mind, we ask for your understanding for this measure and for the regulations that have been made.

      The standby operation of the university is a deep cut in university life and a great challenge for the whole university family. Together we want to meet this challenge and master it with a lot of Mittweida inventiveness and energy.

      We would like to thank you today for your cooperation and support.

      We wish you all and your families the right amount of serenity and, above all, good health.

      Ludwig Hilmer, Rector
      Sylvia Bäßler, Chancellor
      Gordon Guido Oswald, Representative of the Rector for Student Affairs


      11 March 2020: Start of face-to-face lectures and events postponed.

      Mittweida University of Applied Sciences has postponed the start of the face-to-face lectures in the summer semester 2020 by at least two weeks. In the meantime there are statewide considerations to extend this postponement.

      By limiting students' mobility to the area directly surrounding them, we are helping to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Mittweida University of Applied Sciences therefore urges students not to travel to Mittweida at the moment. This applies regardless of where they travel from.

      The university will not be closed! The postponement of face-to-face lectures for the summer semester 2020 means that courses can continue to be held, as the lecturers will increasingly make use of  e-learning services. Information on how you as a student can attend your respective courses will be provided by your faculties/institutes and your lecturers.

      Block courses already started will be continued until further notice. Research and teaching activities that do not require presence at hte university will start and continue as planned on 16 March. The employees in teaching support and service areas as well as in university management will carry out their tasks as usual. The university library and canteen are also open.

      Mittweida University of Applied Sciences will provide further information on the timetable for the start of the on-site courses by 23 March at the latest.

      The study information day planned for 4 April will also not take place as an event on campus. Instead, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is planning a digital alternative for prospective students who would like to get an overview of the study offers and ask questions. Further information on this will be available shortly. Public events such as the Campusfestival Warmup on 19 March, the Public Lecture Series on 18 and 25 March and the Children's University on 28 March will be postponed.

      We will continue to keep all members and friends of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences up to date and update our information on this website and the subpages linked to it on a regular basis in light of the possible further spread of the coronavirus .

      For further questions which are not answered on this and related pages, there are several contact persons at the university listed on the subpages. You can also contact kontakt@hs-mittweida.de by e-mail. Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm, you can also call +49 3727 58 1198 for further information.

      Detailed information for students, lecturers and all employees