Information for Students



The lecture period in the 2022 summer semester will initially begin in digital mode from 21 March. This decision was made in January in order to provide planning security despite the expected uncertainty due to changes in the Infection Protection Act. On 25 April 2022, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences will also return to on-campus teaching. The examination phase from 11 to 29 July is planned as a "presence examination phase", but the faculties can use the "emergency examination regulations".

According to the new federal Infection Protection Act, the possibility of enacting protective regulations at universities is dependent on the state parliament classifying the affected area as a hot spot and introducing, for example, mandatory masking and distance requirements. If this is the case for the district of Central Saxony, the following rules automatically apply without further notice.

The university management also calls for caution during the time when the area is not classified as a hot spot: Distance, FFP2 masks and regular ventilation will protect you, your colleagues and their families and friends. Regular testing helps to reduce the risk of illness and long covid. The testing centre on campus will therefore remain open.

According to the current legislation, mandatory protection rules at universities are only permitted if the affected area has been classified as a hot spot. Therefore, mask and distance obligations no longer exist. The university management strongly advises that FFP2 masks continue to be used because they have been proven to reduce the risk of infection in both directions.

In the same way, the university management recommends that the 3G rule continues to be followed voluntarily and that (self-)tests are done regularly in order to protect all university members from infection. For access to the university, the 3G rule is therefore recommended until 31 May. Unvaccinated, non-recovered university members and visitors are strongly advised to take the daily test. The test centre on campus will therefore continue to be open for the moment. The houses are open without restrictions, which means access is also possible without the HSMW card.

For employees of the risk groups who carry out activities on campus, a risk assessment must be carried out in advance by the respective supervisor. If you have any questions, please contact the facility management.

There are no restrictions by legal regulations. All participants should still take the known safety procedures to mind.

Attendance recording by the lecturers will no longer take place. All distance rules during courses are removed. All possible capacities will be fully used in order to enable a return to face-to-face teaching in the interest of the students. Where possible distance rules should be respected. Where this is not possible, the strongly advice is to wear an FFP2 mask for self-protection and protection of others. The university management appeals to the self-responsibility of the university members and points out that an FFP2 mask promises demonstrably much higher protection. In addition, rooms should continue to be regularly ventilated.

Wherever it has proven successful, the presence offer can also be expanded with digital teaching elements. However, faculties and central institutions must ensure that students can cope with the coexistence of face-to-face and digital teaching. Faculties and central institutions are responsible for coordinating this with their teachers and approving the planned digital teaching elements.

Please check your timetable in the HSMWmobil app or on the web. Place and time of the events are listed there, online elements are flagged explicitly.

  • Rooms 3-019, 8-102 and 8-103 are open to students who cannot use a stable internet connection at home. Attendance here also requires a weekly or permanent ticket from the Corona Testing Centre. The minimum distance must be maintained. Medical masks must be worn.
  • The Mensa offers food to eat on site and to take away. Current information, also on deviating regulations in the refectory, can be found on the Studentenwerk website.
  • The university library is open to a limited extend. Please check the HSB website for details.
  • If you feel ill, please stay at home.
  • Students who cannot attend for health reasons should first contact their lecturers to find individual solutions. If necessary, assistance can be arranged through the Social Contact Office at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.
  • Employees send their sick note scanned or as a photo by e-mail to and inform their faculties or departments. The original sick note must be submitted by mail together with the attachment to the health insurance voucher.

In order to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, students who are enrolled in the summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/2022 and are not on leave of absence will be subject to an individual standard period of study that deviates from the standard period of study and that is extended by one semester, in accordance with §1 Saxon Standard Period of Study Ordinance. According to current information, this extension is not planned for the summer semester 2022.

The winter semester 2021/2022 is not included in the calculation of examination deadlines as was the case in previous semesters. Examination achievements that are not credited also avoid any missed deadline due to repeat examinations that are not attended. All current repeat deadlines are, thus, automatically extended by the current semester. Deadline notices will not be issued for the current semester.

Generally, the same regulations apply to dual students as to others. Students who study in the dual system continue to complete the phase planned for this period. More detailed arrangements can and should be made with the practice partner and the deans of studies.

The courses and examinations for the winter semester 2020 will, as far as possible, take place in a mixture of online and classroom teaching. The coordination and announcement of the dates is carried out by the cooperation partners in Austria, Studien- und Technologie Transfer Zentrum Weiz and Ingenium Education Graz.

Further details on the individual courses and examinations can be obtained from our cooperation partners in Austria by e-mail:

The current situation is unfamiliar in many ways and can become a burden. Students can find tips and tricks for digital learning on the Campus Mundus University website. Time management, self-management and tips for the "home office" are included as well as information on the digital services of the university library and the OPAL learning platform. Perhaps the concept of mindfulness can also help to reduce discomfort and fear.

Self-help also begins with supporting each other. Within the university, some seminar groups have already organised student video conferences in the evening to exchange ideas with each other.

In addition, the Studentenwerk now offers its psychosocial counselling for Mittweida students in digital form, thus helping them to cope with problems that cannot be solved by their own efforts.

The Stura supports Mittweida's students during the Corona pandemic on an ongoing manner - by mail, telephone, social media and newsletter. As the rectorate's representative for student affairs, Stura's managing director is also responsible for communicating a lot of information from the university management to the students. The Stura provides information about the services offered by the Studentenwerk, such as advice by telephone and e-mail, as well as help in the event of financial bottlenecks, among other things by e-mail.