Corona Aid Fund for Students of HSMW

Students of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences who have got into financial trouble due to the Corona pandemic were able to get help without difficulties. Together with its student council and the Studentenwerk Freiberg, Hochschule Mittweida set up a Corona Aid Fund. This fund supported those students who were in particularly urgent need of financial help due to the Corona pandemic.

Due to the bridging aid of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which students can apply for since 16 June 2020, the support of the Corona Aid Fund is currently no longer necessary. Applications for BMBF aid can be made via the website überbrü

"We are happy that we have succeeded in getting this aid fund off the ground", sayd Prof. Dr. Ludwig Hilmer, rector of Mittweida University. Initial supporters were the Sparkasse Mittelsachsen, the Förderkreis Hochschule Mittweida e. V. and the student council.

"In order to be able to provide this form of uncomplicated help, Mittweida University is dependent on further support. "Now we need the solidarity of our university family: Let us help those of us who are weakest in the current situation", sayd Hilmer.

The corona pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives of many students. While the academic part of the studies at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences has largely been switched to digital learning and negative consequences are being avoided here, the financial side of the studies had become a problem for many with effects on the success of their studies.

International students hit hard by COVID-19

This particularly affected those who have not yet been supported by BAföG or scholarships. Many had lost their part-time jobs. New jobs were usually not compatible with the daily study routine in terms of time and location. Parents were often also affected by the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and were no longer able to provide support.

International students were even more affected because in addition to the often higher cost of living in Germany, there were also stricter restrictions under labour law and the ineligibility for certain forms of federal support. This also meant that the repayment options for interest-free loans, which the KfW and the student unions offer, seemed quite unrealistic.

The Corona Aid Fund for Students of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences helped in such and similar cases. It was intended for students who suffered financially as a result of the Corona pandemic and whose continuation of studies was threatened.

"Every single person can make a contribution - whether professor, student, parent. Those who are currently having major problems making a living are a fundamental part of our university family. Especially the international students are part of the campus of HSMW and they influence the campus family in many ways", sayd Gordon Guido Oswald, managing director of the student council of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.

"We are happy about any financial support - from professors, fellow students and of course also from the citizens of our university city of Mittweida, its companies and non-profit initiatives."

Stura collects donations for the Corona Aid Fund

Donations were submitted to the Student Council of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. The issue of donation receipts for presentation to the tax office is possible if the donors also send an e-mail to the Student Council confirming their postal address.

The Corona Aid Fund was paid out after the entitlement of the donor from the social counselling service of the Studentenwerk Freiberg. They checked which form of assistance was the most feasible option and which other forms of support may be given priority. The bundling of all offers of help at the Studentenwerk Freiberg ensured that students receive competent advice and an overview on current opportunities.