Access, admission and application

Admission requirements

Bachelor's and diploma degree programmes

The certificate examination is done by us according to the evaluation guidelines of the ZAB of the Kultusministerkonferenz (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany) and the result must lead to one of the three entitlements in order for you to be able to apply to study at our university

  • the entitlement for direct university admission
  • the authorisation for university admission (subject-oriented)
  • Entitlement to admission to higher education via the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP)

Master's degree programmes

To be able to start a Master's programme, you need a first higher education degree that qualifies you for a profession, i.e. a Bachelor's degree or a diploma. The type of higher education institution doesn't matter: Applicants from universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of cooperative education fulfil the same qualifications.

In addition to these general admission requirements, there may also be subject-specific admission requirements for Master's degree programmes. These are explained on the individual websites of the degree programmes.

Admission restrictions

If you fulfil the above-mentioned admission requirements, you are in principle entitled to begin your studies. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that you will get a place in every degree programme right away. A difference is therefore made between degree programmes with open admissions and those with restricted admissions.

Open-admission degree programme

The only important thing you need to do to get a place on an open-admission degree programme is to submit a complete online application in time. All applicants who apply online within the application deadline and submit all the required documents will receive a place on the programme. The NC or other selection criteria don't matter.

The good news is: Almost all Bachelor's degree programmes at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences are open-admission programmes.

Admission restrictions (numerus clausus)

In some degree programmes, more prospective students regularly apply than there are places available. There is an individual limit on capacity for these degree programmes. More applicants cannot be admitted.

For this reason, an admission procedure is planned for such programmes. The intention is to find the most qualified applicants. The procedure may look quite different. Sometimes a written presentation must be handed in, sometimes previous experience in certain areas is checked. To find out exactly how the admissions process works for each restricted-admission programme, please check the websites of the programmes.

Application and enrolment

The application process at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is completely digital via our online portal. You don't have to send any documents by post. Detailed information about the application, the necessary documents and the deadlines can be found on the application pages.

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