Preparatory Courses (FSP course)

To study at a University of Applied Sciences in Germany you need the certificate for university admission. This is usually a German secondary school leaving certificate. Certificates issued by secondary schools in member states of the European Union are equal to the German ones, whereas certificates issued by other countries are not automatically equal. The university international office checks your certificate. If it is not equal to the German one, you can attend a one-year preparatory course. This course is focussed on the contents of your future course of studies at the university. We offer you such courses for technical, engineering and economic studies. The so called FSP courses lead to a certificate which is equal to the German secondary school leaving certificate and include as well the necessary German language examination to enter studies in Germany.

Final examination (Abschlussprüfung FSP)

At the end of the course you will sit the final examination, whose structure and contents correspond to the German secondary school leaving exam.

If you pass this exam, you are admitted to an university of applied sciences. The German examination is a part of the final examination.

You find the examination regulations on the right column as a download.

Course fees

The course, exam included, costs 2,200.- Euros per semester. 

We send you the admission letter to this course if we received from you a payment of 250.- Euros administrative fee.

The admission letters enables you to obtain visa for the travel.

We carry back this administrative fee to you by reducing your course fee by this amount.

We inform you about possibilities for payment in instalments on request.