Step 1: Application for a place to study

All applicants for a study at Hochschule Mittweida are automatically invited to the Studienkolleg, if it is necessary that they need to attend a German language course DSH or a course FSP.  Therefore you apply to the Application Service of University Mittweida for a place to study and submit there the necessary documents including the application form.

The Application Service checks all documents and informs you by email, if you are accepted as student. It informs you also about the course, you need to attend and the course fee. This can be:

  1. German language course DSH
  2. Preparatory course FSP (including German language examination)

You need to inform the Application Service if you agree with the proposal. Then you get a fee notification letter which enables you to transfer the registration fee of 250 EUR for your course. After the receipt of the fee the Application Service sends you by regular post the originals of the Conditional Admission and the invitation letter to the Studienkolleg. The fee will be charegd against the course fee after your arrival. It is not possible to refund it if you do not take part in the course. 

Please note that this process usually lasts some weeks. Apply to us early! You will again need much time to apply for visa in your home country.

Step 2: Establishing your personal contact to the Studienkolleg / application for housing

Please contact the Studienkolleg immediately after the receipt of your letter of conditional admission to apply for a place in the dormitory. 

We can offer you lodging and boarding as long as there are places. Please note that shortly before your arrival we have no more free places in our dormitories and it is very hard to find accommodation for reasonable prices near the Studienkolleg on your own!

Step 3: Entrance test

After arrival you need to pass an entrance test at the Studienkolleg.

Applicants for the FSP course need to proof their German (level B2 is required) and their knowledge in mathematics. It is possible to repeat the test once. Please be prepared for this test.   

Applicants for the DSH course need to proof their German.
Plesse note: We have no German language courses for beginners.