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German language courses


Foreign applicants, who have got a place to study and who only need to learn German, receive a place in the German language course DSH at the Studienkolleg. At the end of the course, they sit the German language examination for university admission (DSH).

We offer you 3 different DSH courses depending on your German level:

DSH course 1 semester: You speak German on level B2. If so you enroll for 1 semester in our DSH course. At the end of the semester you take a DSH examination.

DSH course 2 semesters: Your German level is on B1. In this case you enroll in the DSH course for 2 semesters. The course terminates at the second semester with the DSH examination.

DSH course 3 semesters: You speak German on level A2. Then you enroll for 3 semesters in the DSH course. The course terminates at the third semester with the DSH examination.

Foreign applicants, who only want to take the German examination without attending the language course,  may sit the TestDaF examination at the Studienkolleg. Applicants who want to study at other German universities than Hochschule Mittweida may also be enrolled at the Studienkolleg, but only in a limited amount and depending on the total number of applicants.

We offer:

  • placement test
  • DSH-exam
  • DSH-preparatory courses

 The DSH-exam consists of a written and an oral section. The written section includes:

  • listening comprehension
  • reading comprehension
  • written production
  • comprehension and processing of scientific language structures

DSH-examination rules of the Hochschule Mittweida

DSH-exam fee: 100 Euros

DSH-language course fee per semester (1 semester = 16 weeks intensive German): 1,900 EUR. We send you the Conditional Admission and the invitation letter to the DSH course if we received from you a payment of 250 EUR administrative fee.

We carry back this administrative fee to you in the beginning of the course by reducing your course fee by this amount. You do not pay more as 1,900 EUR in total. The payment of the course fee takes place after your arrival. In the case that you are not able to arrive out of any reasons there is no refunding of the 250 EUR.

We inform you about possibilities for payment in instalments on request.