Our events differ from semester to semester, but all events have an international focus. We welcome international students as well as german students.
You can find our current events at Facebook and Instagram. Among other events, there are the following formats:

Welcome parties

At the beginning of each semester we want to welcome international students. Do you want to get in touch with other students but can't find the right opportunity? Then come to one of our parties. Together with German and international students, you have the opportunity to meet new people, test your language skills or just celebrate.

Topic nights/ Game nights

At topic nights international students can present their home country. You can learn a lot about other cultures without traveling or introduce your culture and feel at home. Often games and fun are part of those events as well.

Trips/ Excursions

In cooperation with the Stura we take joint excursions. You can get an impression of Germany. The excursion destinations are for example interesting places in the surrounding region.