Study without Abitur

To be able to start a course of study, one of the following degrees is usually required:

  • general university entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • subject-related higher education entrance qualification (for the corresponding subject area)
  • advanced technical college entrance qualification

But professional upgrading courses in combination with a counseling interview at the university also enable access to universities. The Saxon Higher Education Freedom Act (SächsHSFG) provides more detailed regulations. This includes master craftsman's examinations, advanced training degrees and corresponding degrees from technical colleges. If one of these cases exists, the university examines the application on a case-by-case basis.

If certain requirements are fulfilled, studies can also be taken up without a higher education entrance qualification: The requirements are a completed professional training, at least three years of professional experience in the learned profession, an advisory interview at the university and passing a corresponding entrance examination.

Scope of application

The entrance examination is conducted by the higher education institutions on their own responsibility. At Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, the access check is organised in accordance with the regulations on the entrance examination. If you pass the examination, you acquire a university entrance qualification for the subject in question (subject-related) at the university in question (university-bound).