Student projects - participation encouraged

ESSL: Esports and gaming

Whether it's an in-house league in League of Legends, representing the HSMW by playing LoL, Rainbow Six Siege or simracing in a variety of different competitions - the Esports Science Lab is where all the gaming threads come together here at the HSMW. Not for its own purposes: the ESSL researches actively on many aspects of Esports, for example the marketing of this new sport. Everyone is welcome to participate in the ESSL - even by using the Twitch studio and getting professional support by the team.

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University Theatre at the Swan Lake (Hochschulbühne am Schwanenteich)

Acting is your passion? Well, come and try out your skills as an actor at the Hochschulbühne am Schwanenteich. Even if you are not a passionate actor, you can still take part in the university theatre. Without the collaboration of make-up artists, costume designers, stage builders, musicians and directors, it is impossible to produce an impressive theatre play each year. Be part of it - Come In, Act Out!

Website Hochschulbühne am Schwanenteich

99drei Radio Mittweida

In Mittweida, 99drei presents daily local information, news and music. Following the slogan "Every day in the thick of it", the team is right in the middle of what's happening in Mittweida and reports on everything that' s going on in and near Mittweida. This is where you can take the first steps in your career as a radio presenter, in Germany's smallest FM station. No matter if you are a movie fan, an oldies lover or a sports enthusiast - everyone is welcome to try out their skills during the evening shows.

Website 99drei Radio Mittweida

Campus Festival Mittweida

Already since 2006, the students of Mittweida are organising a festival that brings musical energy to the entire city. In advance of the festival, young musicians from all over Germany compete against each other in live TV shows at the 99drei Soundchecks. The winners of each sound check will be invited to perform on the festival stage together with the headliners at the main event. Obviously, a big festival like this needs a lot of manpower. Starting by recruiting sponsors, organising and promoting the event, selecting the bands, planning the finances, setting up the stage equipment and controlling the lighting and sound during the performances.

Website Campus Festival Mittweida

Technikum Mittweida Motorsport

Do you want to create the future of mobility? Then the team at TMM is your perfect free time activity. They plan, construct and build an electrically powered racing car every year and take part in international competitions. They have already raced at the Hockenheimring, Brno and Silverstone. But it is not the fastest car which wins, but the combined impact of design, cost analysis and business plan. To achieve this, the interplay of scientific work, business-oriented project management, research and development must be perfectly harmonised. A great playground for motorsport enthusiasts and innovative minds.

Website Technikum Mittweida Motorsport

Mittweida Media Forum

At the Medienforum Mittweida representatives of the media industry discuss current topics in the international media world in panel discussions and lectures every year. The Medienforum Mittweida is not only a forum for an intensive exchange of opinions and experiences, but also for a profound discussion of topics outside the mainstream. In the last few years, well-known personalities such as Hubertus Koch and Peter Kloeppel have followed the call to the media metropolis of Mittweida.

Website Medienforum Mittweida


The Cosmopolitan Club is a place where cultures of different nations come together. German and international students frequently come together for themed evenings to share culinary delicacies, listening to the latest music trends from distant countries, or just to study for university. In addition, exciting city tours and the organisation of theme parties in our student club are part of the programme. In cooperation with the International Office, the Cosmopolitan Club also organises a tutoring programme for exchange students.

Website Cosmopolitan-Club

Protestant Student Community in Mittweida

The Protestant Student Community in Mittweida (ESG) would like to bring a little peace and joy into your sometimes stressful week as a student. The "colourful bunch" from all faculties comes together each week in the church parish hall. Our young pastor usually prepares a relevant topic, which is open to discussion. Sometimes we cook fresh food beforehand. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome as well. If there is still time left afterwards, we sometimes have the opportunity to play Settlers of Catan or other games. Would you like to join the group? You are welcome to join us every Thursday during the semester at 7:30 pm. The meeting place is the Kirchgemeindehaus.

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