Commitment to cosmopolitanism and democracy

Commitment to cosmopolitanism and democracy

Statement of the Mittweida University Administration

[Translate to English:] Das Portal zum Hauptgebäude der Hochschule Mittweida. Unter dem Schriftzug "Hochschule Mittweida" ist zwischen zwei Säulen hängt übetr den Treppenstufen ein Banner mit dem Text "Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit".

Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is cosmopolitan, our campus and the university town is international.

600 international students from 66 countries study in Mittweida. We live democracy and diversity.

The university community is committed to a clear set of values based on democratic principles. And the university administration reacts consistently and immediately to any violations of these values.

Currently, we have become aware of an incident that is in blatant contradiction to our values and in which an employee of our university is allegedly involved. We have temporarily relieved the employee from work duties in order to enable a complete investigation.