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Case of need

Important phone number

Emergency call110
Polizei station Mittweida(+49) 3727 9800
Medical standby service(+49) 3727 19292
Hospital Mittweida(+49) 3727 990
Gas fault reporting center(+49) 371 4514444
Reporting center for power failures(+49) 3731 703000
Poison Control Center (+49) 341 972446-66

The 5-W method for reporting claims

WHO is calling? Name and telephone number where you can be reached for inquiries.
WHERE is the place of action? Exact address (district, street, house number floor), special features of access.
WHAT happened? Please give a neutral account of why assistance is needed.
HOW MANY people, injured, missing?
WAITING for questions Please do not hang up until the CALLER says, that there are no more questions.