Professional Experience Qualification

Professional Experience Qualification

The professional experience qualification is a required double qualification, which is anticipated for an appointment for professorship at Universities of Applied Sciences (HAWs).  Usually, 5 years of professional experience and 3 years of external professional experience outside a university are expected in addition to other qualification requirements. This should emphasise the practical application orientation of academic staff at Universities of Applied Sciences (HAWs) as a unique feacher of HAWs in comparison to university academic staff. 

The professional practice requirements of junior academic staff are regulated by the State Higher Education Acts. In case of any skill gaps inspite of excellent general qualification, those gaps are to be closed by individual programme courses. 

According to the SEM Project, professional experience qualification consists of four sectors: 

(a) Hereby, transmission competence must be of crucial significance. The aim is to generate benefits out of acquired scientific knowledge as a transmission capacity in practice, regarding market conditions outside university practice. Besides, an AkA is expected (b) to unfold professional activities with an apropriate level of focussing and (c) create, expand and strengthen a practice-oriented network. This serves primarily to align a practice demand in Research and Education. 

These activities should provide a basis for (d) professional experience and practice, profitable for F&E activities, student internships or graduate placements.