Career Service for Internationals

Competencies, Integration, Contacts for starting a career in Germany

Career KIcKstart is more than just a project to make your career start in Germany easier. Join us for a consultation or take part in various workshops and activities to expand your CV and make valuable contacts with companies and associations in the region. You will strengthen your soft skills and get closer and closer to your dream job.

For employers in Germany, not only technical skills count, they also pay much more attention to social and communication skills, which are essential for good teamwork. If you have already worked on projects during your studies and fits into the team, then you have the job almost for sure.

What you need in Germany to get a job are Competencies, Integration and Contacts.


You would like to apply for a job in Germany, but don't know exactly how it works and where you should look for vacancies? You need help with your application documents?

We give you answers to the following questions

  • How do you find a job in Germany?
  • How do you apply in general and how does the application process work?
  • What documents do I need for an application?
  • Is my curriculum vitae convincing?
  • How do I convince in a job interview?
  • What legal aspects do I have to consider when signing an employment contract?


Your curriculum vitae is rather short? You have had little opportunity to gain practical experience? Would you like to get to know other students outside of everyday university life better and also make contact with people from Mittweida? You have hobbies and would like to continue them in Germany?

As a volunteer you will not only convince employers through personal engagement. Associations in the region depend on your creativity and support and are happy about every helping hand. Get to know your fellow human beings better by bringing your interests into the project. Have fun with what you do and make a contribution to society. We help you to become active in associations in the region. Take a look at our association exchange with suitable options for employment.


Are you looking for an internship, a job or a company for your thesis? You are finishing your studies soon and want to stay in Germany to work?

We help you to get in contact with companies:

  • Take a look at your future employer during a company tour.
  • Get to know companies in the region in the Meet & Greet or at trade fairs.
  • Ask company representatives questions in expert discussions about possible areas of employment in their company.