Guidlines of the University

1. Purpose and regulation

The study at the University of Mittweida serves the ability of using practical, science-based results oriented to request in economy and society, to put through and to develop the ability of interdisciplinary action in particular technological, economical and social systems of the society.

The perspective of the university with its engineering-, media-, economic-scientific and social competence lies well-founded in further strengthening and interlinking under authorative use of informational and communication technologies.

With the wide application of information and communication technologies and multimedia in all scientific disciplines the University of Mittweida has carried out an significant step into the future.

2. Consciousness of the value

A completion of a course of study at the University of Mittweida has to have an influence in the respective classification level of the national frame, and internationally to be able of recognition and comparison. The University also has to maintain its position in the future by activating innovative synergy potentials, international cooperation, mobility in the European educational scenery and on the labour market.

The high-class seal of the university is defined by advancement and update of the educational supply basing on the core competence which is based on solid research close to economy and development in cooperation with enterprises, universities, advanced technical colleges, extra universary research institutions and institutions of the external industrial research. The dovetailing of educational and occupational experiences to the assurance of the quality requires a stronger concentration to the Alumni tradition.

3. Internationality and national wideness

National wideness and internationality which can be derived from the geographical position to other Saxon universities and to the demographic and economic circumstances of Saxony are indicators for educational and careful quality as well as the charisma of the university.

The study at nationwide and international known University of Mittweida of Applied Sciences raises the labour perspectives of the graduates and  there fore lies in the interest of the students. With the introduction of modern forms of communication the local connections ease up in apprenticeship, research and transfer. The international marketing has to be strengthened.

The application of informational and communicational technologies allows a worldwide offer of study contents.

4. Orientation on practicality

The study at the University of Mittweida is practically oriented. Every study term includes at least one practise semester and orientates by the requirements of the market. As a practically oriented training university binary training facilities should be developed. The university strengthens the network in and with the regional economy for the purposes of the economic support, the promising supply, work accompanying continuing education and the mentor's activity.

5. Subject relation and versatility

The future of the University of Mittweida depends on the development of competitive study offers and capable market offers of the first study, education and lifelong learning. The departments put a tread on their offers by working out of the core competence, modularisation of the study contents in department-covering cooperation and concentration on main profiles which stand out of the university competitors. New cooperation models, private-public partnerships, construction of continuing education studies and renewal of the teaching contents from the profit of knowledge of the international research as well as the research groups and aninstitutes are necessary for the stabilization of the university and do need constant attention and support.

6. Research

The organization of knowledge and its availability takes place on local- and institute-covering networks, profile improvement and concentration on highly capacity research competence at university, research center and in aninstitutes as well as interdisciplinary in research and apprenticeship. These are preconditions for the formation of new ways of study in the future.  Value production through know-how increases the chance to the achievement of income: Reinforced F/E – cooperation with regional and national, in particular small and middle-class enterprises for the rise of the added value in the new federal states, especially in Saxony.


7. Economy

The mechanisms of the adaptable housekeeping and of the competition are caused by the end of university-specific purpose arrangements. The participation in the competition promotes competitive focus on the departments and establishes a foundation for new cooperation possibilities. The professors dedicate devote the influx of means beyond the household, above all in the areas of research, continuing education and development of virtual forms of the communication in the apprenticeship.

8. Change ability

The preservation of the university as a sign of the universary education in the Medium Saxon region with national meaning requires the ability of change and extension for the department profiles, as much as the skills for the substitution of studies.

The international increase of knowledge, the requirements of the industry for our graduates and the competition of educational institutions on each other require to develop matching personnel resources. Temporarily engaged motivated experts from economy, management and social areas as well as cooperation partnerships between colleges – also foreign - are an important component to the supplement of the teaching staff. For the profile of the college, competent and highly competitive modules have to become a starting point of other planning and resource decisions. The modularisation of the study leads to the creation of free rooms for the establishment of new ways to study, for qualification and research. The headmaster's office promotes this development by structuring the service areas of the college. Drafts of the lifelong learning and the use of the own resources for virtual study forms are matching with priority to raise the applicant's figures. The college becomes increasing to a teaching and learning educational institution to do justice to the varying requirements of the professional life.

9. Regional rooting

The frame for the development of the university is determined not only by student figures, but also by graduate's proved and research success. The universities are covered on the regional level in competition with others that are promoted by the same restricted finance frame considering parliamentary decisions and finances. Therefore, the college has to be a reliable and inalienable partner not only for the area, but also for the region. The university must develop itself to a spiritual-cultural center which achieves in particular the education of partnerships with the schools and the support of the youth of the region to the purpose. The preservation of the study location Rosswein (administrative district Döbeln) becomes an existential question of the University of Mittweida. The region is an ideal sphere of activity for all forms of educational partnerships and research partnerships.

10. Co- and self-determination

The dynamic advancement assumes the inclusion of all university members. The university will prepare for new inquiries whose satisfaction requires study offers which differentiate in principle, modularly, international and are aimed on a life long as well as virtual learning.

As every university, so is the University of Mittweida composed of the groups of the teachers, the students and other employees. None of these groups is homogeneous. They are arranged by age groups, fields and social positions. In every place, where in apprenticeship and research spiritual-creative work is performed, there has to be struggled daily anew for consensus democratically. The university has to be led and to lead in a way that the groups and the single members can exercise their democratically legitimized influence on the arrangement of the university and identify with the development of the university.

All active and former members of university should work as multipliers. The student advertisement is, on this occasion, a central task.

11. Equal opportunities

The University Mittweida works towards to ensure equal chances, that means equal rights and equal career perspectives, for women and men in all  spheres of the university.

12. Familiy-friendly alignment

University Mittweida tries to support the compatibility of studying and familiy as well as profession and family. It seeks to create a framework and conditions to conciliate the professional and the familial interests of the staff and the students and it applies to the certificate "Family-friendly University".