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Implementing new methods of lecturing and learning by strengthening and increasing academic staff


Focus of the SEM Project is the improvement of study conditions and the quality of teaching with the establishment of assistant professors at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (HSM).

New Lecturing and Learning Methods

Coaching and mentoring of students to improve a transfer of knowledge and competences without serious barriers.

Lecturing based on modern university didactics to assure successful didactic concepts aligned with the individual requirements of teaching.

Application-oriented research as part of regular lectures to ensure the involvement of qualified students in active research and development at University of Mittweida from an early stage.

New teaching methods which include the following four areas:

  • research-related teaching –teaching-rooted research
  • project-based workload concepts
  • practice-oriented training of educational content
  • training of key competences, such as project-, self- and time-management

Inclusion addressing diversity of individuals.

Knowledge management capturing an evaluability of didactic Knowledge.

Success of study programmes included as new components.

Strengthening and Increasing Academic Staff

The six academic professors of the SEM project bridge the gap between research and lecture. They work in various departments and institutes of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. Their personal development to full professors will be supported by individually tailored staff development measures. The academic professors complete a certified qualification programme of The Higher Education Didactics Center Saxony (Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum Sachsen – HDS).

  • Assistant professor “Laser Technology”
    (Department of Engineering Sciences)
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andy Engel
  • Assistant professor “Energy Industry”
    (Department of Industrial Engineering)
    Christina Hesse, M.Eng.
  • Assistant professor “Key Competences”
    (Institute for Competence, Communication and Sport)
    Claudia Hösel, M.Eng., M.A.
  • Assistant professor “Digital Communication”
    (Department of Media Sciences)
    Christian Roschke, M.Sc.
  • Assistant professor “Start-up and Quality Management”
    (Department of Industrial Engineering)
    Dr. rer. nat. Frank Schumann
  • Assistant professor “New Instruction and Learning Methods“
    (Institute for Technology and Knowledge Transfer)
    Dr. Ing. Elfi Thiem

New Formats in Lecturing and Learning Practice

By being part of the SEM Project and, at the same time, of the departments and Institutes, the academic professors can explore new instruction and learning methods and test them in an everyday university setting:

  • Interdisciplinary courses that allow students to acquire academic skills as well as courses focusing on individual consultations concerning academic writing skills
  • Target group related tutoring programmes with specifically trained tutors
  • Interdisciplinary and application-oriented instruction and learning projects in laboratory and field settings
  • Teaching portfolio focusing on aspects of inclusion as well as lifelong learning
  • Digitalisation and internationalisation of teaching with English-language E-learning courses
  • Blended Learning concepts for preparation courses and particular courses of study
  • Mediation of research-based contents


Academic Director:
Prof. Dr. Monika Häußler-Sczepan

Dr. Angela Freche

Hochschule Mittweida,
University of Applied Sciences
Projekt SEM
Technikumplatz 17
09648 Mittweida

Phone: +49 (0) 3727 / 58 1810